Microsoft Graph allows businesses to connect their data with Office 365 services


Microsoft wants developers to connect their apps to its contextual data. The company has launched a software developer platform called Microsoft Graph that offers businesses application programming interfaces to merge their data and custom features with various Office 365 cloud services.

“In an age of information abundance, we understand people are seeking integrated experiences that help them break out of knowledge silos—ways to ‘work like a network’ and connect information from multiple touch points in meaningful ways,” wrote Rob Lefferts, general manager for Office extensibility.

In simpler terms, this is how it works: Microsoft Graph takes all your information and connects it with third parties. You see, it is pretty much like what Google does. Google analyzes your emails to let you know about the upcoming meetings, commute and other such information. Microsoft wants to do just that with Office apps, which arguably has a deeper information about you, and can have a whole range of other applications.

The company hopes that major developers will integrate their data with Office data and get more contextual and organised information at one place. It will be interesting to see how companies react to it.

“We are building toward a near future where multiple graphs and all APIs throughout Microsoft contribute to, and are accessible through, a single unified gateway to the power of the Microsoft cloud,” he added in a blog post. “Our vision is pretty broad there,” he added. “We will keep growing the Graph. We will make it broader and we will make it deeper.”

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