Microsoft giving out HTC Mazaa’s to WPAppitUp winners

The HTC Mazaa is an internal developer platform for Windows Phone 7 Mango which has been bubbling under for some time now.  Now it seems Microsoft is giving out these handsets to Dream Spark registered students who won their WPAppitUp contest who were promised a Mango device.

The handsets run the full RTM version of Windows Phone 7 Mango 7720, and appears to have the updated hardware to go with it, running 45 nm Snapdragon MSM8655 with the Adreno 205 GPU, and Cpitt, the winner, notes it is much faster than his HTC HD7.

To all outward appearance however it is looks just like a HTC 7 Trophy, and shares the 8GB storage of the other device.

The question is if this will be like Microsoft’s Google Nexus phone, getting updates early, or like Microsoft’s other developer handsets, recieving no updates at all, and therefore being somewhat of a boobie prize.

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