Microsoft getting serious about mobile payments?

imageI am sure our readers will not argue that Microsoft’s Wallet app has not been what one would call a success, with most mobile payment services not supporting their technology.

It seems Microsoft has not given up however, with Re/code reporting that Microsoft’s Commerce platform hiring Amazon’s  Ian Kennedy, a 6 year Amazon veteran who ran Amazon’s local commerce efforts.

At Amazon Kennedy’s team was working on a secret “set of related, undisclosed, products which will delight billions of customers as they buy and sell things in the real world (as opposed to online).”

At Microsoft he is now Senior Director of Product Management, Commerce Platform Strategy. Kennedy would not be drawn on what he will be doing at Microsoft, saying it was too early to talk specifics, but that he  “wanted to solve a new set of problems, learn a new company culture, apply what I had learned.”

Hopefully Microsoft will be pulling their finger out and at least get support of major payment providers in USA and elsewhere before Apple runs away with the whole ball.

via WPC.