Microsoft generative AI development progress sees $185 million deal with Teleperformance

June 21, 2023

Microsoft generative AI development just hit another milestone as Teleperformance, a leading outsourcing group based in France, has inked a substantial $185 million deal with the Redmond-based tech giant. 

The partnership aims to launch Teleperformance’s own TP GenAI tool, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. TP GenAI, powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI, will automate simple tasks and enhance staff productivity, enabling them to prioritize more critical matters. 

This development follows Teleperformance’s acquisition of rival company Majorel for 3 billion euros ($3.27 billion) in April, solidifying its position as the top player in the sector with an estimated annual revenue of at least 12 billion euros. 

“We are a big promoter of blending ‘high tech’ with ‘high touch,’ combining artificial intelligence with real people and human empathy to deliver a more supportive and compassionate, human-centered customer experience,” says Daniel Julien, Chairman and CEO of Teleperformance Group.

“As an industry leader, we’re pleased to offer generative AI solutions to organizations to help automate simple, low-value tasks and enable our staff to focus on what matters most – building brand loyalty,” he continues.

The implementation of TP GenAI has already demonstrated impressive results during a pilot phase, including reduced call handling time by up to 25%, quicker email responses by 20%, and a 90% improvement in addressing customer needs accurately. Sales conversions have also increased by 35%, while real-time insights on customer interactions have been achieved.

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