Microsoft Garage’s latest project allows you to easily clean, standardize, and transform data in Excel



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Microsoft Garage’s latest project Transform Data by Example is an Excel Add-In powered by Azure. It helps you to clean, standardize, and transform data such as date-time, addresses, phone numbers, and URLs in few seconds instead of hours. Users can just provide a few examples of the desired output, and this new add-in will automatically find relevant data transformation functions from a large collection that it has already indexed.

For example, if you have a collection of addresses in the United States in various formats and you need to extract city, state and zip code information for aggregate analysis. All you have to do is to provide a few output examples in the column next to the input and then click Get Transformations button in the add-in. Within a few seconds, this add-in finds relevant transformation functions from a large collection of functions it indexes, and then automatically uses these functions to compose and generate new code that can perform the exact transformation the user specified. Since all this takes place in the cloud, the user would not notice any processing at all on their client PC.

Download the add-in here and give it a try. You can learn more about this add-in here.

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