Microsoft Garage’s latest HoloLens app allows you to project photos from OneDrive into the real world

Microsoft Garage’s latest project is a HoloLens app that projects photos from OneDrive into the real world, enabling you to relive your memories in a more immersive way. Holographic Photo Project allows you to link OneDrive albums to 3D, holographic “souvenirs”. The holographic souvenirs can placed anywhere in your physical space. Once done, you can enjoy your photos in 3D photo arrangements. Holographic Photo Project comes with the following features:

  • Photo Projections: Associate Holograms to your OneDrive Albums to view your photos in immersive way, projected into the physical space around you.
  • Carousel Mode: Gaze on a Hologram you’ve placed, to view the album in carousel mode. Select the Hologram to expand.
  • Adjustment Mode: Customize your Holograms by moving, scaling, or rotating them in any way you like, to fit them into your space.

Learn more about this project and instructions to install it for the HoloLens here.