Microsoft Garage introduces FindTime


Do you dread needing to schedule a work meeting? A new Outlook extension called FindTime is trying to make the process fast, easy, and painless. FindTime works by creating ‘Meeting Polls’. When you create your poll, you select the people you wish to attend your meeting and some suggested times. Each attendee then receives a request to vote on their preferred time. This is a highly visual process and all can see the current status of the voting. Finally, once there is a consensus, FindTime sends out a meeting invite automatically. FindTime currently requires you to have an Office365 account in order to send an invite, but not all attendees need to have an account.

As someone who has to schedule meetings all the time, I have already installed and am looking forward to trying it out in the coming days. It is nice to see some new products coming out of the Microsoft Garage that are not app based.