Microsoft Funding Remake Of 70s Sci-Fi Classic Blake’s 7 As Xbox Live Exclusive

While it was reported that SyFy would fund a remake of 1970s British sci-fi series Blake’s 7 last year it never materialized. It commissioned 13 episodes of a new version of the space drama, but that deal seems to have been scrapped as Microsoft is now being linked with the show. The Financial Times claims that “people familiar with the situation” have revealed that the Redmond software giant is to pay for development and production of a new series as part of its push to add exclusive television programming to the Xbox Live platform.

During the Xbox One announcement event earlier this year, it was revealed that Steven Spielberg would be producing a Halo TV series exclusively for Microsoft. And if this new report is true, Blake’s 7 will soon join that franchise in the line-up of original content.

It will be made, says the FT, by Motion Picture Capital, a London-based production company, and directed by Casino Royale and GoldenEye director Martin Campbell.

No other details on the show have been revealed, but considering the original series was complex and odd, we would hope that those core values are maintained. And the perms. And bulbous sleeves.

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