Microsoft Flow now supports error handling steps, two new services and more

Microsoft yesterday announced number of new improvements for its Flow service. First of all, Flow now supports error handling which will allow you to define any number of steps to run after the failure of an action. You can define steps that run after:

  • An action has any type of failure (except timeout).
  • An action was skipped. Actions are skipped either when a condition is not met, or, when a previous action before that action fails.
  • An action times out. This can happen if the call to the backend times out (120 seconds), or for long running actions such as approvals, after 30 days.

Flow allows you to initialize and increment or decrement variables inside of a flow run. This will allow you to know how many times a certain branch of logic ran. You can also reference the variables wherever you want.

Microsoft is also making it easier for administrators to check the remaining quotas easily.  They can now see how many flow runs have been used by members of their org in the Microsoft Flow Admin Center. They have also added a details view that will help admins understand the distribution of licenses inside their org and how each of these licenses are contributing to the quota.

They have added new Flow details page. When you click on a Flow from your My flows list,  you’ll see this new flow details page instead of the flow designer itself. This page will have information like the connections that this flow uses, and their status, who has access to the flow and more.

Finally, they have added support for following two new services.

  • Parserr – Automate your business and eliminate unnecessary manual data entry.
  • Cognito Forms – Cognito Forms lets you easily build powerful online forms, such as surveys, order forms, registration forms and more. For free.
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