Microsoft Flow buttons can now receive user inputs at run time

Microsoft today announced a new feature in Microsoft Flow service. Flow buttons can now receive user inputs at run time. When you create a button on Flow, you can now define which information is required from the user when that button is triggered. In turn, a user who taps that button will be asked to provide these specific details. User entered details will be used upon execution.

Microsoft highlighted the below examples on how you can use the buttons:

  1. Create a new contact in Dynamics CRM 
  2. Add notes to a Dynamics CRM contact
  3. Create a bug in Visual Studio
  4. Create a new task in Asana
  5. Add a new item to a Basecamp to-dos list
  6. Create an Outlook task from a button
  7. Add a new card to a Trello list
  8. Add a new task to Wunderlist

Microsoft today also added support for Outlook Tasks and HelloSign services. Outlook Tasks service lets you create, read, synchronize, update and delete your tasks that are secured by Azure Active Directory in Office 365 or a Microsoft account.

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