The escapist paradise of Microsoft Flight Simulator has become a massive success for Xbox Game Pass PC. 

As the biggest success for the flight simulation series in its 38 year history, Microsoft Flight Simulator has seen over one million unique players in just two weeks of release.

In the past two weeks, a million Flight Sim players have flown 26 million times across more than 1 billion miles. As Microsoft points out, this is the equivalent of flying around the world 40 thousand times.

“In each of those billion miles, we’ve been delighted to see the flight simulation community enjoy the simulator and help improve the experience through their ongoing feedback, while also welcoming and training new simulation pilots,” said Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator head, Jorg Neumann.

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Microsoft Flight Sim is currently only available for Windows PCs but the game will be making its way to Xbox One sometime in the future. With Xbox Series X launching in just two months, we likely won’t see a console release until a big into next-gen.