Microsoft Fixing The Annoying Search Button Activation In Games And Other Apps In Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 Search

One of the most annoying thing on Windows Phone devices for gamers in the hardware search button. When you are playing with the device in landscape mode, users often touch the search button leading to exiting from the game to search screen. If the games/apps does not support resume feature, then the whole gaming experience will get ruined. Microsoft is trying to fix this issue in Windows Phone 8.1 by allowing users to navigate to search screen only if he double taps the search button. However there is a catch in this new policy, it will work only for new full-screen apps. Microsoft will consider the following experiences as full-screen mode automatically and developers can opt-in if they want.

  • Photo viewer
  • Video viewer
  • Taking a phone
  • Capturing a video
  • Any games.

A neat feature from Microsoft. What do you think?

Source: @AngelWZR