Microsoft Finland Windows Phone lead tweets Nokia Pure View video–confirms WP7 N8 successor?

Vesku Paananen (kitevesku) on Twitter.htm_20120222135450Twitter   @kitevesku  Now we are talking! Can't ....htm_20120222135223

We posted yesterday about Nokia teasing a new camera phone, and noted that the device, which is believed to be a Nokia N8 successor, could either be Symbian or Windows Phone.

Well, if you are a betting man the odds for a Windows Phone N8 successor just went up a bit, with Vesku Paananen, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 lead in Finland  tweeting that he could not wait to see the Pure View Nokia. We hope he would be less eager if it was a Symbian handset, and he is certainly in a position to know.

What do our readers think? Does this make a Windows Phone N8 a shoe-in? Let us know below.

Thanks Arttu for the tip.