Microsoft finally gets a sense of urgency

Windows Phone 7 by Christmas
"We have to deliver devices with our partners this Christmas."

With Apple passing Microsoft in market cap yesterday, it seems the company has finally developed cottoned on to the fact the market is moving incredibly fast, and the time for 5 year plans have passed.

While not predicting any change in direction or strategy (which for all we know may be comprehensive) he did finally admit the company should increase its pace.

“We’ll have to accelerate plans,” told reported in New Delhi, where he is currently touring.

He did however feel Microsoft has already made the appropriate investments, and are currently just awaiting the returns.

“We are executing very well, that’s going to lead to great products and great success,” Mr. Ballmer said at a press conference.

Another sign of the increased sense of urgency is likely the removal of Robbie Bach, President of the Entertainment and Devices Division, and bringing the now key department directly under the control of Steve Ballmer.

Mr. Ballmer expressed optimism about the launch of the Windows Phone 7 series by the end of this year, saying “We have to deliver devices with our partners this Christmas.”

He however emphasised that while Microsoft has been exceeded in market cap, this was merely symbolic and the company did not suddenly become bankrupt.

“I will make more profits and certainly there is no technology company in the planet which is as profitable as we are,” he said. “Stock markets will take care of the rest,” he added.

“It is a long game. We have good competitors … we too are very good competitors,” Ballmer said.

Is Microsoft on track, or have they lost the plot? Let us know your opinion below.