Microsoft Finally Fixes The SVCHOST Bug In Windows XP After Years


18, 2014

Windows XP SVCHOST bug fix
Microsoft’s Windows XP is nearing its end-of-life date. One of the most glaring bug Windows XP users experienced over their lifetime should be the one related to svchost.exe. The SVCHOST system process would eat up upto 100% of CPU during Windows updates. Because of this, overall system performance will do down significantly. Microsoft is aware of this bug and promised to fix it long back. Microsoft has finally delivered the fix to stop this svcehost issue. As we are just two more patch Tuesdays away from Windows XP’s end of life, it is good to see Microsoft fixing the issue.

  In a statement, Dustin Childs, group manager in the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group said…

“On Tuesday, Microsoft depreciated legacy security updates for Internet Explorer that had been replaced by more recent ones. We did this to improve customer experience, reducing the time Windows Update requires to check existing updates before installing new ones. This action was purely to improve update performance and does not affect customer security.” – Dustin Childs, group manager, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

Source: WindowsITPro

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