Microsoft Feedback App Spotted In The Leaked Windows 9 Technical Preview Build 9834

Earlier today, Windows Technical Preview build 9834 screenshots got leaked on the web. It revealed number of new changes coming in the upcoming Windows 9 release such as the new Start Menu, notification center, virtual desktops, new charms bar alternative for desktop users, windowed modern apps and more. Another new thing spotted in the screenshots was the Microsoft Feedback app. This new app is now pinned to the new Start menu and allows users to submit their feedback about the Windows experience. Currently, you need to be part of Windows Internal beta testers  group to submit your feedback and Microsoft is expected to expand this feedback app to public preview users as well. Neowin reported few weeks back about how this feedback app will work,

……….Threshold will have tons of feedback surveys to make sure that they avoid this issue with the next iteration of Windows. So what will these surveys look like? Well, they appear in large windows and cover a wide range of topics but for this example, we will use searching as a feedback item.

At the top of the survey, it says “Please share your feedback with Microsoft about Searching”. Anything related to your search experience can be entered here, whether related to the Start Menu, Cortana or a bunch of other items. The next question asks if you were successful in “Searching” and provides you with Yes, No, or Not Sure.

You then move down the page to another area where you are asked about the following parameters: ‘Ease of Use’, ‘Valuable to me’, ‘Enjoyable’, ‘Is it Fast?’ and a couple more general questions as well. You rate these items on a scale of 1 to 5 and then send them off to Microsoft.

As always, Microsoft will be using these survey data along with the gathered telemetry data over the preview period to further improve the user experience.

Source: Computerbase