Microsoft falls from Kaspersky top 10 as vulnerabilities in Flash and Apple products rise in prominence


With a billion users security has been a top priority for Microsoft for some time now, as evidenced by Kaspersky’s Top 10 list of products with security vulnerabilities, which do not contain a single Microsoft product.

In fact topping the list is Adobe’s Flash, which is rather worrying for an Internet facing application. Similarly Oracle’s Java also presents a significant risk to PCs, as the wave of cross-platform exploits this summer has shown. Next on the list is Apple, with another Internet facing application, Quicktime, which also presents a risk to Windows PCs.

With the Windows OS layer now very well protected, it seems Windows users can protect themselves rather well by uninstalling apps like Flash, Java and Quicktime, a strategy which Microsoft itself promotes in the Metro side of Windows 8.

See Kaspersky’s report “IT Threat Evolution Q3 2012” here.