Microsoft extends free PreEmptive App Analytics for Windows Phone 7 developers

PreEmptive Solutions , a provider of solutions to measure, manage, and protect applications, announced today that it has extended its arrangement with Microsoft to provide free access to Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone.  The arrangement, which was made available in 2010, already has 3000 registered Windows phone 7 developers and 1,200 apps in Marketplace, with 55% of the top 100 apps using the technology.

“Whether developing games or productivity apps, developers know that high quality and a focus on user experience is what sets great apps apart,” said Brandon Watson, senior director, Windows Phone Developer Experience, Microsoft. “With its broad analytics and app protection capabilities, Runtime Intelligence helps  Windows Phone developers improve app quality and customer satisfaction. We’re very pleased to extend this great offer to our developer community,” he continued.

Through this arrangement with Microsoft, the full commercial SKU of Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone will be offered at no cost to Windows Phone developers. There is no set expiration date for this service and developers will be given at least 60 days prior notice should any change be scheduled.

Examples of how Runtime Intelligence helps Windows Phone developers include:

  • Respond to user preferences, settings, and search strings by providing improved defaults and exposing
    features that improve user experience;
  • Optimize the feature split between free, trial, and paid versions of marketplace applications to improve conversions and increase revenue;
  • Capture exceptions to improve user support and application quality;
  • Track ad placement effectiveness within an application to balance revenue with user experience.

“The feedback from the Windows Phone development community has been exhilarating,” said Gabriel Torok, CEO PreEmptive Solutions. “Developer creativity, enthusiasm, and productivity has been amazing to watch; they are clearly fuelling the Windows Phone 7 launch and we are thrilled that Runtime Intelligence is a part of that winning formula.”

Registration and delivery of credentials takes minutes. Developers can register for the service at