Microsoft expands mobile ad sales division

Microsoft wants a share of mobile app advertising also.
Microsoft wants a share of mobile app advertising also.

Love them or hate them, advertising-funded mobile applications are a large part of the ecosystem of apps on all the successful mobile platforms, are are also sanctioned on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Of course at this stage developers are much more likely to earn good money by using Google’s Admob service, but Microsoft intends to change that.

They are reshuffling their mobile ad division to make their own service more competitive.

Microsoft is moving Paul Lyonette, head of emerging platforms at Microsoft Advertising, to oversee the expansion of its mobile sales division.

Lyonette said mobile was key a key part of Microsoft’s advertising strategy.

“It’ll be one of our top priorities in the coming year and we’re looking at upping our efforts in that space,” he said.

Lyonette will boost the headcount of its European mobile ad sales team, and look to implement geo-targeting as part of the mobile advertising platform, a feature already available on Google’s Admob and Apple’s iAds service.

By convincing developers to use Microsoft’s own ad service rather than Google’s Microsoft stands to earn a share of revenue even from free ad-funded applications, which has so far formed the lion share of applications downloaded on the larger application stores on other platforms, and also opens up the possibility of offering more innovative advertising solutions such as Apple’s iAds service.

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