Microsoft Expands Digital Crimes Unit To Protect Consumers From Criminal Hackers



Microsoft Digital Crime Unit

Microsoft has a separate unit called Digital Crimes Unit which focuses on finding criminals who are running botnets, piracy centers, etc,. Reuters today reported that Microsoft has formed a new expanded  Digital Crimes Unit called Cybercrime Center. This new center brings together security engineers, digital forensics experts and lawyers under one roof to fight against cyber crime.

Microsoft Forensics Lab

The center features a lab for dissecting malicious software samples that is accessible only with fingerprint authorization. In another room, a monitor tracks the countries and Internet service providers with the greatest number of machines belonging to some of the worst botnets.

Next to a situation room with a wall-sized, touch-screen monitor sit rows of empty offices for visiting police, Microsoft customers or other allies expected to join specific missions for days or weeks at a time.

Microsoft is not new to these kind of work. At least half of the major, significant botnet takedowns last year have been driven by Microsoft. This new facility is going to improve this whole program against cyber criminals in a more effective way.

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Source: Reuters

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