Microsoft to expand Iowa data center cluster to 3.2 million square feet


Reducing points of failure is a good concept in many aspects in life, not least the when discussing data centers and the tech sector.

Microsoft’s Data Center business is one of the east glamorous aspects of its  business, but one of the most important for both business and consumers,

While Microsoft has had a few Data Center clusters in the past few years, but they are currently expanding their Iowa Data Center Cluster to 3.2 million square feet. It’s worth noting that this is a 1.7 million foot base being added in addition to two preexisting locations in the state, bringing it to a total of 3 locations. While the firm has declined to comment as to exactly why they are doing it, Clyde Evans (director of community and economic development for West Des Moines) speculates that this may be to reduce potential damage from tornadoes. It is noted that while Iowa is less susceptible to some forms of natural disasters, it is still very vulnerable to tornadoes. The absence of redundancies in the case of a disaster would be unfortunate for  Microsoft.

Evans also speculated that the main reason Microsoft is building in Iowa state can be attributed to its comparatively low electric bills, crucial when running something as power intensive as a data center.

Whatever the reason Microsoft is choosing Iowa as its base, the state also gets some benefits from the deal as well. According to Government officials with Computer World spoke with, Microsoft sill be forking over $23 million in tax a year. Not a bad deal.

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