Microsoft executive shares Microsoft’s plans for competing with Google and Apple


When it comes to connecting services, Microsoft does pretty well. However, according a Microsoft executive, Chris Capossela, the company’s competitors, Google and Apple are doing better than Microsoft. Chris stated:

“It’s just a little snapshot in time. It’s not the end-all, be-all.  I don’t want to reorganize everything around this. But it’s an interesting piece of data. It shows you that we’ve got a lot of big businesses at Microsoft.  Windows is big, IE is big, Office is big, et cetera.  But it also shows you that we don’t have nearly the connectivity between our products that Google has engineered and that Apple has engineered.

If you look at what Apple advertises on TV, at least in the U.S., it’s all iPhone and iPad. And yet you see all the lines that connect their ecosystem. They can focus their marketing dollars on a very small number of things, be very disciplined, but because they’ve engineered their things to work together, one product naturally leads to the next product without any marketing at all; very efficient marketing to build your marketing into your products.”


Microsoft, however, has plans to change this “in a big way,” according to Chris. As an example, the executive talked about the OneNote integration on Surface Pro 3, Bing integration on Cortana and Skype on Chris also stated, “The beautiful thing about having lots of lines is that you don’t have to market all of your products. You only market the locomotives. And then when someone uses your locomotive, it pulls along the cabooses.”

Chris also explained Microsoft’s new strategy to the crowd at the Microsoft Convergence conference in Atlanta. According to Chris, the company is currently focusing on the freemium strategy. He explains how freemium strategy helped the company to gain more Office customers:

“We weren’t making any money on Office on the iPhone or on Android phones, and we’ve had over 40 million downloads of the Office apps on those devices. And if you think about the Office business, we do roughly 70, 75 million copies of Office a year.  And all of a sudden in less than a year we have 40 million more downloads on phones that weren’t running Office. Amazing.  Like that’s just a total mindbender in terms of opening up your mind to a different business model that your marketing can really help you advance.”

Microsoft has already showed off some of its new integrations between its services. For example, the company integrated Cortana on its upcoming browser Project Spartan.

Via: The Verge

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