Microsoft Executive On Developers: “Every developer matters. Every. Single. One”



Author Pradeep // in News

Brandon Watson, Director of developer experience of Windows Phone team at Microsoft has blogged about the recent incident related to the Blackberry Application development platform. The issue started when Jamie Murai, a Blackberry developer who blogged his recent experience with the Blackberry application development process. He described the entire process starting from registering as a Blackberry app developer to running a code. The entire experience was a total mess. His thoughts soon spread across the web, so Blackberry tried to control the damage by a blog post by Tyler Lessard from RIM .  Here is what Brandon did( excerpt from his blog),

Last week when I read Jamie’s excoriation of the Blackberry Playbook dev platform (so many people forwarded it to me), it made me sad. Sad because a developer was hitting friction on a platform on which he clearly wanted to develop apps.


Even if we build the platform one developer at a time, that’s one more developer than we had last week. Every developer matters. Every. Single. One. I effing love my job.

Good Job Brandon Watson.

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