Microsoft empties a CLIP into Windows 10 Creators Update bugs



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In the above video, Microsoft is not telling the story of Clippy, one of their earliest attempts at AI, but rather their structured approach to killing operating system bugs on Windows.

CLIP, short for Customer Listening and Improvement Program, is how Microsoft collate feedback from a number of sources, including the Feedback Hub, support requests in forums and phone calls, telemetry and even social media like Facebook and twitter.

Microsoft engineers then meet daily, assess reports, looking for patterns and impact, prioritise fixes and then assign these to specific staff, which are then pushed out in regular Windows updates.  Microsoft then closes the loop by trying to learn lessons and correct procedures so that the same kinds of bugs are not repeated in the future.

With the help of CLIP Microsoft has now, 6 weeks after the release of the Creators update, decided to widen the roll-out of the OS update, meaning more of our readers will soon see the update prompt, and will hopefully be able to update without being concerned about running into issues.

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