How Microsoft Empowers the Republican and Democratic National Conventions (Video)



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Back in April this year, Microsoft revealed their plans for the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Microsoft will act in a bipartisan manner and provide similar levels of support to both conventions and they will provide the conventions with technology tools to help them operate efficiently and accurately. They clearly mentioned that they will not endorse either political party or its nominee. Microsoft today published a video showing how they empower the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Watch it above.

Every 4 years, the two major political parties gather to nominate their candidates for President & Vice-President of the United States, a major step in the elections process. Microsoft teams have played an integral role in helping to empower the organizers to create a more secure, accurate, and efficient democratic process.

Microsoft has also made it clear in April that have decided not to make cash donations to Republican National Convention, but they will provide a variety of Microsoft technology products and services. For the Democratic National Convention, they will be providing access to similar Microsoft technology as well as some sponsorship of host committee activities. The Microsoft technology for both conventions includes Office 365, Azure, Surface, Dynamics CRM and other products.

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