Microsoft Edge’s battery life improvements in the Windows 10 Creators Update gets detailed

We already know that Microsoft Edge is the most battery efficient web browser available on Windows 10. With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has made some new energy efficiency improvements that will make it more battery friendly. According to Microsoft’s own tests, Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Creators Update uses up to 31% less power than Google Chrome, and up to 44% less than Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft has made the following battery life related improvements in Edge with Windows 10 Creators Update:

  • Improvements in EdgeHTML 15 are focused not only on improving the average power consumption in Microsoft Edge, but also making it more consistent. The 90th percentile has improved by 17% from the previous version of Microsoft Edge to the latest version.
  • They have made Microsoft Edge much more intelligent, throttling the JavaScript timers for iframes that aren’t visible, and stopping them from calculating animations that will never be seen. Users won’t notice any difference: the iframes still load and behave normally when you can see them.
  • With the Creator’s Update, they have reworked what happens when the webpage needs to know if iframes or other elements are visible. They have added an additional layer of caching and optimizations to perform this common operation with less CPU and less power. Web developers need not make any change to their existing code to take advantage of this new improvement in Edge.
  • When websites and ads take advantage of Intersection Observer, Microsoft Edge will do the work for them, calculating if they intersect with the main viewport or any other element. The page will be notified when any element’s intersection with the viewport changes, so constantly checking on every frame is no longer required.
  • Edge now blocks Adobe Flash by default, but users have full control over whether to allow Flash or not.
  • They are tweaking and improving what’s happening under the hood in Microsoft Edge using telemetry. By measuring how much time they are spending responding to different APIs in JavaScript, they are improving the response times.

Since people generally won’t believe the numbers from browser vendors, Microsoft has made their testing methodology open to everyone. These tests are repeatable by other browsers, backed by methodology documents and open source code.

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