Microsoft Edge Dev site comes out of beta, now offering Windows 10 virtual machines

Microsoft today released a new update for the Microsoft Edge Dev site with major fixes and new features – such as a faster and cleared platform roadmap. The site is now out of beta as well, which means that the company is now redirecting the domain to

Alongside the release of the updated Microsoft Edge Dev site, Microsoft has also released the official Windows 10 virtual machines. The virtual machines are available for download from the Microsoft Edge Dev site for free, and you can download them here.  For those wondering, With the Windows 10 virtual machines, you’ll be able to test your web sites on Microsoft Edge pretty easily.

The company has also automated the process of creating the virtual machines, and they’re also supporting new formats for the virtual machines, including Vagrant boxes and QEMU – which will be available “in the coming weeks”.  It’s worth mentioning that the company has also updated RemoteIE to use its new rendering engine, EdgeHTML inside Internet Explorer — meaning that your websites should render pretty much the same when testing inside Microsoft Edge.

It’s also worth noting that the update for the site also brings quite a few bug fixes – if you want to know about the bug fixes and other improvements, head over to the announcement post.

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