Microsoft has added a feature called ‘sidebar search’ to the context menu of the Microsoft Edge Canary. The feature lets users perform Bing search about a word or a phrase that they see on the web.

To use the feature, visit any webpage and highlight a word or phrase that you want to know about, right-click and select Search in Bing in Sidebar for “..”.

Image: Techdows

The feature is very similar to the Ask Cortana feature in the classic Edge browser. In the classic Edge, all you needed to do was highlight a word, phrase, or even an image and then right-click the content and select “Ask Cortana” to get more information.

Google Chrome already has a similar feature that lets you do the same thing, and since Google brings you more relevant search results, Chrome has an edge over Microsoft’s browser in this case.

If you’re using Edge Canary and use Google as your default search engine and also prefer it that way, the feature is not going to be very helpful to you, the reason being the fact that you cannot assign Google to take charge of the search that you perform using the ‘sidebar search’ feature.

But if you’re one of the very few people who prefer Bing over Google, the feature will come handy. Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that the feature is available in Edge Canary 85.0.554.0 or later.

via Techdows