Microsoft Edge Canary gets 20 new profile pictures and tab freezing feature


17, 2019

In the latest Edge Canary 79.0.307.0 update, Microsoft added two new noteworthy features — ‘tab freezing’ and 20 new profile icons.

These 20 new profile pictures have replaced the outdated ones, so if you’re running the latest Canary build, you can try them now.

You can follow the below steps to update your profile pictures:

  1. Click on ellipsis icon(three-dot view) > Settings > Profiles
  2. Under your Profile, click (…) More actions > Edit
  3. In the Edit Profile dialog, choose a picture, click Update, done.

Another new useful feature in the Edge Canary is the ‘Tab discarding feature’. And as the name suggests, when turned on, the feature automatically discards background tabs as the application begins to run low on available memory, thus reducing the memory space of Chrome without you having to close tabs or windows. The feature was available in Chrome for quite some time and has recently been modified.

How to enable Tab freezing feature on Edge Canary

  1. Ensure you’re using latest Microsoft Edge Canary 79.0.307.0 or higher
  2. Visit edge://flags page
  3. Search for “freeze”, in the highlighted results, for the Tab freeze flag, select “Enabled”
  4. Restart the browser.

via Techdows

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