Microsoft Edge Beta for Android updated with Read Aloud feature


20, 2019

Microsoft Edge Beta for Android was updated today in Play Store. This version update comes with the new Read Aloud feature which was added recently on Edge for iOS.  You can use this feature to listen to articles on the web. For example, when you are driving or cooking, you can ask the Edge browser to read out the article for you. You can also adjust the speed with which the Edge reads out the article.

The update also comes with Honey extension which will help you find and apply discount voucher codes on over 40,000 most requested sites. Honey members also get Honey Gold, which they can redeem in the form of a gift voucher of their choice for various shopping sites. You can activate the Honey extension in Settings> Discount coupons.

You can download Microsoft Edge beta on your Android smartphone from the below link or you can head over to Google Play Store.

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