Microsoft Distinguished Scientist Richard Szeliski Rewarded With Election To National Academy Of Engineering

Richard Szeliski

Microsoft researcher and Distinguished Scientist Richard Szeliski this week received one of the highest honors accorded to an engineer, election to the National Academy of Engineering. He currently leads Interactive Visual Media Group at Microsoft Research. He was elected to the Academy on February 5, 2015, specifically “for contributions to computer vision, computer graphics, and interactive image and video rendering.”

“I was truly astonished and delighted to receive this honor,” Szeliski said after learning of the news. “My strongest reaction was a profound gratitude towards Microsoft Research and all of my collaborators for enabling me to have such an interesting and productive career.

“My time at Microsoft Research has been the most productive and rewarding of my research career,” he added. “Rick Rashid and the rest of the lab leadership brought together the world’s best Computer Science researchers and created an environment where we can thrive and produce research and technological breakthroughs that delight millions of people worldwide.”

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