Microsoft discontinues Bing for Windows Mobile for QVGA devices

Bing for QVGA devices now gone.Microsoft has discontinued support for Bing Mobile on QVGA Windows Mobile devices, apparently in an effort to focus on the Windows Phone 7 version and the higher-end Windows Mobile  6.5 and 6.1 devices, according to

Users trying to install the latest version on their QVGA devices will be met by a suggestion to use use, saying  “Sorry, the resolution on this device is not supported, please visit for the best search experience.”

While there will be very few Windows Mobile Professional devices sold in recent years with that resolution in the west, it is not too uncommon in second tier markets where handsets are used longer, and of course most Windows Phone Standard devices feature the same resolution.

While Microsoft has said they will continue to support Windows Mobile, the removal of a significant piece of software from much of the platform, including support for free turn by turn spoke GPS navigation, will be seen as a blow by most, and an increasing indication that Microsoft has closed the door on their now older OS.

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