Microsoft directly confirms Windows Mobile 7 for Mobile World Congress

by Surur
January 29, 2010

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Microsoft has been extremely cagy about Windows Mobile 7, preferring to always couch statements about it in vague terms such as their favourite, “the next generation of our mobile OS”.

Clearly no-one told Peter Klein, CFO of Microsoft that, as he came out and responded directly to a Windows Mobile 7 question in this Fox news interview.

Fox News: “Are we going to see Windows 7 Mobile come out in 2010?  What is your plans for that?”

Peter Klein: “We are heads down working on Windows Mobile 7  and we will have much more to say about that at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.”

There we have it.  Let any speculation about whether Windows Mobile 7 will be discussed at Mobile World Congress end now.

Check the video at the 4 minute mark to hear this in person above.

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