Microsoft developing finger-tracking sensor for better NUI


8, 2012


Although rumours of the integration of finger tracking in the Original Xbox 360 Kinect were seemingly just rumours, Kinect users expect the feature to be included in future Windows devices.

Microsoft researchers are attending the User Interface Software and Technology symposium to advertise their new invention- Digits, which is a wrist-worn sensor which accurately tracks finger movements- meaning there is little to no lag, which also requires no gloves.  However, the motion capture device is not being used for games.

The inspiration for Digits stemmed form the Kinect, because Microsoft desired to create ‘natural 3D interactions with bare hands’, although the Kinect was slightly too limited to do this in the way in that it is not mobile and does not have the precise detail required to track the motion of individual fingers.  To realize their plans, Microsoft created a wrist-mounted device which includes an infrared camera and laser to accurately pinpoint motions of the human hand with the aim of providing a better natural user interface.

In the meantime, if you cant wait for Microsoft research to come to the market the Leap motion sensor already offers accurate finger tracking in a very small package and you can pre-order one now.

Check out a preview of Digits in the video below.

Digits Hand Tracker: Freehand 3D Computer Interaction Without Gloves


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