Microsoft details Windows Information Protection feature coming as part of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows Information Protection (Small)Windows Information Protection (WIP) formerly known as as enterprise data protection (EDP) will ship in the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Last week, Microsoft detailed how Windows Information Protection will help organizations protect their sensitive data across devices. Unlike the third party solutions, WIP is easy to deploy and doesn’t get in the way of the user experience. IT Admin should just turn on a few policies in their MDM (e.g.: Microsoft Intune) or System Center Configuration Manager and WIP will work. The main advantage of WIP is that it doesn’t require users to use special folders, change modes, use alternate apps, move into secure zones or partitions, etc.

  • Because WIP is integrated into the platform, most of your existing apps (including your LOB’s) will work with WIP without modification, app wrapping etc. This is a big differentiator given that, in most cases, third party solutions frequently force users to use completely different apps on mobile vs. desktop devices.
  • When it comes to leak protection, WIP helps ensure that only authorized users and apps have access to business data. This even works on devices with multiple user profiles. In addition, WIP helps content from business documents from leaking through copy and paste operations.
  • WIP allows users to freely copy content between business apps and documents, but it won’t allow the data to leak into the personal or public domain unless IT chooses to allow it with a policy. In this case, auditing will occur in the background and your users will be encouraged to act responsibly and in a way that is compliant with your corporate policy.

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