Microsoft details updated Edge enterprise management policies in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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In a blog post Microsoft has detailed the new policies enterprise users can expect in Microsoft Edge to help manage their users and ensure their corporate network is safe and productive.

The Anniversary Update will bring the following new Group Policy settings, which on desktop are now is available in both the User and Machine policy hives.

  • Allow access to the about:flags page
  • Allow usage of extensions
  • Configure WebRTC media port ranges
  • Show a transitional message when opening Internet Explorer sites

For existing Edge installs on TH2 and earlier, the current policies are supported:

Available in Windows 10 version 1507 or later:

  • Configure Autofill
  • Configure Cookies
  • Configure Do Not Track
  • Configure Password Manager
  • Configure Pop up Blocker
  • Configure search suggestions in the Address bar
  • Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List
  • Configure the SmartScreen Filter
  • Send all intranet sites to Internet Explorer 11

Available in Windows 10 version 1511 or later:

  • Allow Developer Tools
  • Allow InPrivate browsing
  • Allow web content on New Tab page
  • Configure Favorites
  • Configure Home pages (in W10 AU the home page policy configured on a domain-joined device will no longer allow the user to override the setting.)
  • Prevent bypassing SmartScreen prompts for files
  • Prevent bypassing SmartScreen prompts for sites
  • Prevent sharing LocalHost IP address for WebRTC

The policies for Microsoft Edge on desktop are available as both Group Policy settings and MDM settings. On mobile they are available as MDM settings.

Read more about the available policies at Technet here.

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