Microsoft Details Upcoming Word 2013 Features



Microsoft Office Word team today detailed the features that will be part of the upcoming Word 2013. Microsoft focused on the following on developing Word 2013,

  • Polished Core User Experiences – Much improved working with Figures, Headers & Footers, Tables, Themes and Styles and Document Layout.
  • Best on Windows 8 – Optimized for Touch, Inking and will be part of Windows RT.
  • Integrated into the Cloud – Save to SkyDrive, Roaming MRU, Resume Reading, Apps for Office.
  • Friction-Free Collaboration –Simplified Sharing, Simple Markup, Comment Replies / Mark Comments “Done” , Lock Tracking, People everywhere, etc,.
  • Great for Digital Consumption- Navigation Pane Improvements, Read Mode, Web Video

Apart from the above, Office 2013 also have features such as the ability to edit PDF documents, etc,.

Read more about it in detail here.

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