Microsoft Details Tools To Manage Skype Paid Features

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Most of us use Skype for its free Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls. But Skype also has some cool paid features which can be used using Skype Credit. Microsoft is making it easier to pay for Skype Credits and they offers some tools to manage stored payment methods, access your purchase history and more on the Skype website.

  • Adding a stored payment method

    If you regularly use paid features such as calling phones and mobiles or Skype WiFi, you might want to consider storing a payment method with us to speed up future purchases. Depending on where you are in the world, you can make use of a number of different payment methods.

  • Changing your auto-recharge settings

    If you use Skype Credit for your calls to phones and mobiles rather than a subscription, then auto-recharge will stop your calls from getting cut short if you run out. Your credit balance will be automatically topped up using your stored payment method when it gets low. To set up auto-recharge, follow steps one and two from the previous section to get to your billing information. Select Auto-recharge and then Buy Skype Credit, the next page will give you the option to enable auto-recharge.

  • If you’ve made use of any of our paid features during a certain period, you might be interested in an itemized look at what you spent. With Skype you have the ability to download monthly statements that show exactly that. Statements can be downloaded from the 5th of the following month and remain available for 6 months.

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