Microsoft details the preview of Relationship Insights for Dynamics 365


Microsoft today detailed the Relationship Insights feature that is part of Dynamics 365. Relationship Insights leverages the data-integration and artificial-intelligence capabilities built into Azure to combine and analyze the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Outlook data. It will offer insights that will help daily work, find critical opportunities, manage email communications, identify actionable email messages, and propose the best path forward. It currently includes the following features: the relationship assistant, email engagement, and auto capture.

Microsoft also offered few handy links to learn more about Relationship Insights feature:

  • For a detailed overview of the various Relationship Insights features and their capabilities, see the Relationship Insights overview.
  • For prerequisites and instruction on how to enable and configure the preview, see Configure Relationship Insights features.
  • For details about the relationship assistant, which helps salespeople and support staff organize their daily work and nurture vital business relationships, see the Relationship assistant topic.
  • See the Action cards reference for details about the various types of action cards that can be generated by the relationship assistant.
  • For details about email engagement, which helps salespeople and support staff get more out of their email communications, see the Email engagement topic.
  • For details about auto capture, which finds email messages from your Outlook mailbox that could be relevant to the record you are currently viewing in Dynamics 365, see the Auto capture topic.

The Relationship Insights preview is currently available only for North American sites that use US English (en-us). Read more about this feature here.