Microsoft Details The New Bing Site Safety Page For Webmasters

Bing Safety Sites

Last year, Microsoft announced the enhancements to the Bing Webmaster Portal with an improved malware reporting and re-evaluation pipeline which allowed webmasters to know more about compromises on their sites, and it also streamlined their re-evaluation request workflow. Recently, Microsoft has launched the new Bing Site Safety Page, a portal allowing all Bing users to understand why their favorite site is being flagged, how long the warning has been there, and when the last scan took place.

In the past, a customer would click on a potentially dangerous search result and be presented with a warning cautioning them that visiting this site could be dangerous, but with no real context or background information. With the rollout of the Bing Site Safety Page, Bing users can now understand in more depth the reasons for the warning, and more technically savvy users can potentially make better informed decisions (e.g. disabling javascript and plugins before visiting the site, or providing the site owner a link to the BSSPpage as a point of reference when they encounter the warning.) To enable this expanded visibility, in addition to the BSSP, we rolled out a complementary update to the UX warning in the Bing search results, adding a new link to the pop-up that our customers see, inviting them to “learn more about why this URL was marked as malicious” – when a searcher follows this link, they will end up at our new Bing Site Safety page.

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Source: Bing

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