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Xbox Music Windows 8.1

Along with the news that Microsoft is releasing Xbox Music apps for iOS, Android devices and free streaming on the web, Microsoft also detailed the upcoming redesigned Xbox Music app for Windows 8/RT devices that is coming along with Windows 8.1 update. The app will come pre-installed on Windows 8.1 update, and gives access to global catalog of more than 33 million songs out of the box. If you have a Xbox Music pass, you can download your fav songs. There is also an option to stream millions of songs free on Windows 8.1.

Changes in Xbox Music app:

  • Get it in there: If you already have an existing music collection in your device’s Music library such as songs you ripped from CDs or DRM-free songs purchased from iTunes or – Xbox Music brings in all of it – no fuss, your music is just in there.
  • As much as your ears can handle: Xbox Music gives you unlimited access to millions of songs in the store and the ability to stream and download as much music as you like with your Xbox Music Pass.
  • It’s your music, it should go with you: With your Xbox Music Pass, you can also listen to your music across all your devices including your laptop or tablet, phone, the web, Xbox 360, and Xbox One coming Nov. 22nd. Even your playlists roam across all you devices with an Xbox Music Pass. Xbox Music will even scan and match songs you already own on your device with songs from the Xbox Music Store allowing you to also stream those songs on all your other devices.
  • Turn the Radio on: You can stream millions of songs for free from the Xbox Music Store* and create your own radio stations based on your favorite artists and bands. When you create a “station” – it begins with a specific artist or band, based on that, Xbox Music will pull together similar music for you. It’s one of the best ways to discover new artists related to the ones you already love. With the new Radio feature and the ability to search for and play the songs you want, Xbox Music is the best free streaming music service for Windows.

Also, there are some more new features.

  1. Xbox Music in Windows 8.1 is designed around three pivots: your music collection, radio, and the Xbox Music Store (called Explore). Enthusiasts will see a real difference over Xbox Music in Windows 8. A few things worth noting, playback controls are no longer hidden and you can now control the volume specific to Xbox Music separately from the master volume of your device.
  2. Bing Smart Search is also integrated into Xbox Music in Windows 8.1. Using Bing Smart Search, you can find musicians, bands and artists presented in a rich field of content, including top songs, albums, videos, images and relevant Web pages. In keeping with what you’d expect from Bing, it makes for a gorgeous experience.
  3. And coming to Xbox Music with Windows 8.1 on Oct. 18th – you will have the ability to use the Share charm in Windows 8.1 to share a webpage from the browser and have Xbox Music build a playlist based off any music it finds from that webpage (called Web Playlist)! Literally the web can start to be your front door to your music experience.

Source: Windows Blog

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