Microsoft details new features added to Microsoft Edge with EdgeHTML 13


With the Windows 10 November Update, Microsoft has added a bunch of new features and improvements to the operating system. The operating system is much faster, and everything just feels a bit more polished with the November Update. Alongside new features for the OS, Microsoft has also improved Edge — the company’s new browser built for Windows 10. Microsoft Edge’s best feature is its performance, and with the latest update for Edge’s rendering engine, that has improved significantly.

Windows 10 November Update introduces EdgeHTML 13 (EdgeHTML is the rendering engine for Edge) which improved Edge’s score on HTML by 56 points (EdgeHTML 12 scored 402 while EdgeHTML 13 scored 458). Obviously, the update for EdgeHTML introduces some new features and improvements, which you can find here. 

The latest updates for Edge on Windows 10 November Update also introduced some new features such as Tab Previews. The browser is still lacking a major feature: support for Extensions — however, Microsoft recently told us that Extension support is planned to come in 2016, possibly with the Redstone 1 update. With that being said, if you have been using Windows 10 November Update, tell us what you think of Microsoft Edge on the latest update for Windows 10 in the comment section below.

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