Microsoft Details New Blend For Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Blend Visual Studio 2015

Along with the release of Visual Studio 2015 preview, Microsoft revealed the new Blend experience to aid developers with a great user interface development experience for creating beautiful XAML apps. Blend now looks similar to Visual Studio and Microsoft has improved workflow between Blend and VS 2015.

Blend has many new features, including:

  • A sleek new look resembling Visual Studio that improves the workflow between the two products
  • A new Blend-exclusive Dark theme that improve the contrast between your content and the Blend user interface
  • XAML IntelliSense
  • Basic debugging capabilities
  • Peek in XAML, which allows you to view and edit XAML controls and resources within the context in which they are used
  • An improved file reload experience to minimize workflow interruptions as you work on your projects in both Blend and Visual Studio
  • Custom window layouts that can be synchronized across machines that have Blend installed
  • Better Solution Explorer and source control support
  • Support for NuGet
  • Better accessibility in several areas of the Blend user interface, including top level menus, Solution Explorer, and Team Explorer

Blend for Visual Studio 2015 will not support SketchFlow projects. So, you need to continue using Blend for Visual Studio 2013 if you require SketchFlow for your prototyping needs.

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