Microsoft Details Latest Improvements For The Edge F12 Developer Tools In Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft today detailed the new improvements they have included in the Microsoft Edge F12 developer tools. Also their F12 developer tools documentation is now part of the Microsoft Edge Dev site and fully available on GitHub.

  • Improved CSS editing workflow:

    As a way to improve the usability and ease of styling your web pages, CSS files are exposed via the Debugger’s filer picker, allowing you to search and select any of the CSS files referenced on the HTML markup.

  • Cookies

    The Debugger now also provides detailed information about cookies that have been created by an HTTP header or via JavaScript. The cookies folder inside the Debugger’s file picker displays a list of the frames loaded by the page. Selecting one of these frames opens up table view of its cookies.

  • Web storage

    Session and local storage are exposed on the debugger’s file picker. Selecting them opens their contents on a new tab that allows you to both inspect and edit their contents.

  • Experiments

    The F12 developer tools now have a new experiments tab, which lets you test drive powerful new features that are not fully ready for prime time. These features are disabled by default – you can enable them with the toggles under the Experiments tab.

Read more about it here.

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