Microsoft Details Internet Explorer Improvements Included In Windows 10 Technical Preview


If you are trying out Windows 10 Technical Preview that was launched few hours back, make sure to try Internet Explorer in that Windows 10 build. Microsoft has included support for new the HTTP/2 networking protocol, improved Chakra engine for better performance and more.  Microsoft is also launching the Internet Explorer Platform Suggestion Box for web developers to give them feature suggestions using the UserVoice platform.

What’s New in IE?


Internet Explorer on the Windows 10 Technical Preview includes support for new the HTTP/2 networking protocol which is a standardized effort with broad industry support. HTTP/2 builds on our experience delivering SPDY/3 support in IE11 and enables improved performance on the Web using techniques including multiplexing, header compression and Server Push.

HTTP2 protocol support shown in F12 developer tools
HTTP/2 support shown in F12 tools in IE for Windows Technical Preview

Performance improvements to the Chakra JavaScript engine

IE on the Windows 10 Technical Preview also includes several performance improvements in our Chakra JavaScript engine. The changes include streamlining of Chakra’s execution pipeline to deliver faster startup, optimizations in Chakra’s Just-in-Time compiler to increase script execution throughput, and enhancements to Chakra’s Garbage Collection subsystem to deliver better UI responsiveness for apps and sites.

Interoperable Top Level Domain Parsing

IE on the Windows 10 Technical Preview switches the parsing of domain names to use the algorithms and domain list found at

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