Microsoft Details Improvements To The Network Tool In The Microsoft Edge F12 Developer Tools

Edge Developer Took

Microsoft today detailed the refined network tool experience and the tooling support that will be available for Microsoft Edge. Developers can access the Microsoft Edge F12 developer tools by selecting “F12 Developer tools” in the Settings menu which will launch the tools undocked.

We’ve heard feedback from developers regarding the network tool’s capabilities and ease of use. Some examples include the lack of auto-start capturing, export to JSON HAR, and filtering. To address this feedback, we’ve been working to redesign the network tool to provide a cleaner experience that makes you more productive when identifying and resolving network related issues.

Network issues can appear at any time from the initial page request, to loading and interacting with the app. It’s therefore important that the tool allows you to collect network HTTP-based traffic without the need to start a capturing session (e.g. issues might occur between page requests, loading and interacting with the page). Per your feedback, we also added the Start & Stop toolbar buttons to give you the flexibility to manage your session.

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