Microsoft Details Enhancements Coming To Windows Store With Windows 10


Microsoft today detailed the new features and improvements they are delivering in Windows 10 for Windows 10. The new Windows Store is designed to help organizations acquire, create and deliver apps the way they want. One of the main changes will be the new unified store. This unified Store will offer great benefits for software developers, enabling them to offer universal Windows apps that can be used across phone, tablet and PC form factors. For organizations, the unified Store will also offer a new web-based Store portal that will allow IT administrators to browse the app catalog and acquire apps in bulk.

  • In Windows 10, IT administrators can access a new web-based Store portal specifically for organizations – and can do so by signing in with an Azure Active Directory identity. Apps acquired through the portal can then be assigned to people in the organization, who need only to click on a link to install the apps. This will provide organizations with a controlled and customizable experience specifically for their members.
  • With Windows 10, organizations will also be able to fully control Windows Store features and distribution using System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune or via mobile device management (MDM) services. This includes the ability to install and uninstall apps, control app updates and manage app licenses.
  • We know that large organizations usually run their own private company portal to present a catalog of apps; this is typically managed by tools such as System Center Configuration Manager and hosted on an internal network. In Windows 10, Windows Store apps that are acquired through the new Store portal can be displayed within private company portal, with API-level integration between management tools and the Windows Store to obtain full details of the apps, including descriptions, requirements, icons and more.

Source: Windows

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