Microsoft details EdgeHTML 14 web platform shipping with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Recently, Microsoft announced the stable channel release of EdgeHTML 14 with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. EdgeHTML 14 is the third and most significant update to the Microsoft Edge web platform since their initial release one year ago. Microsoft today detailed the improvements coming as part of EdgeHTML 14. Read the summary of it below,

  • Web Extensions support is now part of EdgeHTML 14.
  • Microsoft Edge in the Anniversary Update is easily the most accessible browser and the only browser to earn a perfect score on HTML5Accessibility’s browser benchmark.
  • In EdgeHTML 14, they have improved the efficiency of background tabs by reducing the frequency of JavaScript timer execution, leading to energy savings of up to 90% in some scenarios. We’ve improved Flash efficiency by pausing non-essential Flash content until the user clicks to play it.
  • In the Anniversary Update, they are adding features like Kernel Attack Protection, which makes kernel attacks more difficult by reducing the kernel components exposed to the browser and enforcing an allow list for kernel calls from Flash and the content process.
  • In EdgeHTML 14, they have carefully measured and tuned performance across the board to make core components faster and more efficient, resulting in a faster experience.
  • They have improved performance in the Chakra JavaScript engine with memory optimizations in functions and deferred parsing for event handlers, as well as optimizing performance for common JavaScript APIs.
  • They have improved scrolling in Microsoft Edge by taking all scrolling, including keyboard and scrollbar actions, completely off of the UI thread.
  • EdgeHTML 14 includes support for dozens of new HTML5 standards, media formats, and JavaScript features, for the first time tying Firefox on HTML5Test and maintaining a healthy lead over Safari.

Read more about it here.

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