Microsoft Details Difficulties In Providing Early Mango Access To Developers

Cliff Simpkins, Senior Product Manager from Microsoft responded to the post on getting earlier Mango access to developers at wp user voice forum. His response as follows,

the team is actively working to provide a way to restore the phone back to a baseline, but if a crash happens in mid-flash (while the device is being repartitioned and ROM is being updated), the device would likely require outside assistance. Hopefully, we’ll have more information on this in the near future.

Thanks folks, as I believe it’s been mentioned elsewhere, we are looking into this. The team fully realizes that there is no substitute for testing on real hardware, whether it’s to get a feel for how the app really performs, or if your using sensors (e.g., camera, Motion Sensor, etc.), or developing a game that may have issues in the emulator.

Challenges here include creating the tool that would allow for the updates as well as do the backup/restore to allow you to get back into a base state where your MO

One of the chief issues is that the update brings your entire device up to a pre-release state; doing a hard reset brings the device back to a ‘clean’ state, but that ‘clean’ is a ‘clean’ pre-release; and if the update fails while the device is in mid-update, you don’t have a ‘clean’ state to return to, which would then need involvement from a human being, some tools, and an image file.

via: mobiletechworld Thanks to Suresh for the tip.