Microsoft details changes included in the latest Groove Music update for Insiders

Groove Music Update

Microsoft is releasing an update for Groove Music app for the Windows Insiders in the Fast ring for PC, phone, and HoloLens. This v3.6.2438.0 update includes few improvements. Read about all the changes included in this update below.

  • Playlists from Your Groove and Explore now get tracked in the recent plays section.
  • They have updated the app so that it warns you when you’re about to add duplicate content to your playlists.
  • If you have a Groove Music Pass, Cortana will now play music by genre even if your collection doesn’t have any music in that genre. Cortana, play ROCK! Cortana will also do a better job when you simply tell her to play music. She’ll play music even if you have zero music in your collection. She’ll pull from Top Music in that case.
  • They have added a bit more telemetry to the Cortana integration with Groove Music so that we can even better understand when she doesn’t deliver on your requests related to music.
  • They have updated the app so that it automatically enters full screen mode on the console.
  • They have updated the Feedback Hub app so that it collects even better information about your collection when you submit feedback about the app.
  • They have updated the way the app looks for music on SD cards so that discovery is more reliable.
  • They have made changes to improve local playback.

Download it from Windows Store using the below link.